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Plié in 3/4. 64 measures. Time: 2:22

All music composed, arranged and played by Søren Bebe

Music is taken from the album: Music for Ballet & Contemporary Classes – 2CD

Label: From Out Here Music

CD 1. Music For Ballet Class
CD 2. Music for Contemporary Ballet Class

Composed, arranged and played by

Construction of class created by

Finally a CD that fills in the ballet lessons strict form, in a inspiring and floating manner.
And as an added bonus CD 2 can be used as inspiration for choreography, contemporary classes or pure listening.

Pianist and composer, Søren Bebe, has worked with dancer and teacher, Allan Nielsen, for several years.
It has been a great mutual desire to put together this CD.
The music on these cd’s can be used for all class levels.

This CD was produced with financial support from the Danish Actors Association (Produktionsstøtte) and Gramex.

CD 1: Music for Ballet Class includes music for exercises like: Introduction. Preparatory exercise, Plié, Tendu, Jeté, Rond de jambe a térre, Frappé, Fondu, Adagio, Grand Battement, Plié/Relevé, Pirouette combination ( Tango), Pirouette combination (Waltz), Petits sauts, Assemblé, Grand allegro,Tour en l´air (men), Reverence

CD 2: Music for contemporary ballet class

1. Ambient 1. Time: 8:00
2. Moving In. Time: 8:00
3. Quietly Floating. Time: 8:00
4. Sne. Time: 8:00
5. Softly softly. Time: 8:00
6. Tango Fantasia. Time: 8:00
7. Summerwaltz

CD1 recorded at Studio B, Copenhagen, at a Shigeru Kawai Grand Piano
CD2 recorded at Studio B, Copenhagen, and live at Dansehallerne using Ableton Live.

All music is mixed and mastered by John Fomsgaard at Karmacrew.


Allan Nielsen was educated at the Royal Danish Ballet School in Copenhagen, Denmark, but has also trained at John Neumeiers Ballet School of the Hamburg Ballet in Germany.
Allan was employed as a principal dancer in Tivoli at the Pantomime Theater from 1984 to 2003.
At the moment Allan is pursuing a career as a character dancer working with the art of the Danish Commedia dell`arte, at the same place, Pantomime Theater. At the same time he is dedicating time to his work as a teacher of classical ballet.

Allan has taught at : Scanias Dance Theatre, Danish Dance Theatre, Pantomime Theatre.
He has ben employed 3 years at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and 4 years at the Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School as a teacher in ballet.
He is the co-owner of Christianshavns Ballet School, where he enjoys introducing children to the world of ballet. Allan is found of teaching all levels of ballet; regardless whether he is teaching children or pensioners, amateurs or professional. Allan seeks to give his pupils a sense of organic flow that allows everyone to experience dance as a union of music and movement.

Søren Bebe

One of the leading pianists and composers on the Danish scene of jazz and contemporary music. Born in Odense, Denmark, on December 5th, 1975, Søren Bebe took his first piano lesson at age 8.
In 2004 he graduated from the Royal Danish Conservatory in Aarhus with an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Music.
Søren Bebe has released several jazz records as a leader and even more as a sideman.
As a composer Søren has written mostly for own groups but also commissioned work for the Danish theater “Team Teateret” as well as a large piece for the National Gallery of Denmark.
In 2012 Søren Bebe received a working grant from the Danish Arts Council.

As a freelance accompanist for dance Søren works among other places at the Royal Danish Ballet, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Dansehallerne and The Pantomime Theatre in Tivoli.