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Breakingviews TV: The rent

Airbnb is doing surprisingly well in China, even as tech companies like Uber exit. Its business model complements Beijing’s push to lower rents – and track citizens. Sharon Lam and Pete Sweeney discuss what the company has gotten right. Source link

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Breakingviews TV: Bad Apple

The iPhone maker’s sales warning lopped some $70 bln off the value of the Tim Cook-led firm. Rob Cyran explains that while Apple is especially vulnerable to a slowdown in China and consumer resistance to price hikes, many other companies are likely to feel the fallout. Source link

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Breakingviews TV: Retail duel

Dec 24 – Amazon and Walmart are U.S. retail’s biggest rivals, and they’re starting to look more alike. Jen Saba predicts that the two giant companies will take more leaves from each other’s strategy books in 2019, while the rest of the sector goes through further painful gyrations. Source link

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