New WW Fresh Meals! Creamy Cavatappi, Mmmmmm! 7 Smartpoints of Yum!

WW is carrying fresh food in markets on a pilot program. We live next to one of the stores, so we’re checking it all out for everyone. Come join us!

Hi! My name is Anita. I’m a 56 year old Weight Watcher. I’ve lost 45 pounds, and trying to get to 50. But I’m doing it slowly, because I’m living life, too.

I live with my husband Steve, and my grandson Oliver. We like to keep things light, and have a good laugh now and then. I sometimes get what we call “ the drizzles” for both happy and sad occasions.

I needed a place to talk, so I figured where better than You Tube? Join the Paddiwack Patty, woncha?

Drop me a line at
Anita Johnson
1409 Kuehner Dr. #263
Simi Valley, Cal


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