Herpes Virus is ONLY Truly For Life with People that have a Sheeple Mentality!!

Herpes is 100% curable with the right foods that 99% of the population ignore or don’t believe will be effective. Eating any type of junk food or not getting enough of the right nutrients will just keep the issue in the body. The body can only heal itself with the right foods and Antioxidants.

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Get rid of Herpes naturally by following these tips. This is a 100% Guaranteed way to fix this issue and many other health issues by changing your diet and using effective Medicinal products such as Pure oregano oil. It is a combination of both! (Please watch my latest videos on foods to consume). If you give the body what is needed on a daily basis this will be the only way to a true 100% solution. This means the body will heal itself with what you put inside by means of foods, antioxidants, herbs etc., on a daily basis. These are simple steps to let the body naturally get rid of this disease the way nature intended.

All of the information listed below is for informational purposes only and solely for that reason!

In order for Oregano Oil to even help get rid of this issue you must follow these steps:

First: You must take several drops of this oil in water, usually 6-8oz of liquid. You need to do this once or twice per day. The less liquid, the stronger the solution will taste. The less liquid, the stronger it will be. You must use at least 4oz of liquid, or, it may have more of a slight burning sensation on your lips. Applying some virgin coconut oil can relieve that sensation.
“””””The oregano oil must also be 100% PURE with NO dilution or olive oil, or other carrier that is listed on the bottle. Otherwise, This will greatly reduce the effectiveness of this oil”””””

Next: You need to rub the oregano oil diluted with some virgin coconut oil on the bottom portion of the spine. Cover about 2 to 4 inches starting from the very bottom part of the spine right near the top of the butt area. Try not to over-dilute the oregano oil or it will not work. A slight tingling sensation may be felt and this means it is diluted properly! Normally, just a small amount of coconut oil will be needed with around 3 drops of oregano oil. It should never burn the skin, only tingle a slight amount. Since the virus lives in the lower part of the spine this is a very significant part of the process that should be made. This should be done once in the morning and once at night for best results. This may need to be done for many consecutive months to “ensure” best results. If an outbreak occurs, which can happen when the body is fighting back this is especially necessary to do.

Finally: You need to dilute 2 or 3 drops of the pure oregano oil with the gold label virgin coconut oil and hold this under your tongue for at least 10 minutes. Be careful to make sure you dilute this enough, so it has only a slight tingling feeling; otherwise you might temporarily burn the bottom of your mouth. This should be performed at least once per day. If an outbreak has occurred, this should be done several times per day. If that happens, just use plain coconut oil (no oregano oil for this) should fix this problem by holding the oil under your tongue for several minutes. Repeating this step by holding the coconut oil under your tongue several more times may be necessary.
Please follow “all” information at your own risk, You must consult your licensed physician before starting or changing any new diet or foods.


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