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I’ve witnessed so many women get wrapped up in “health” trends of the moment.

From magazine articles to national news segments, these health trends seem to come out of nowhere and take over. (Remember, coconut water wasn’t a “thing” until a few years ago.)

But have you ever stopped to ask yourself: Are these trends truly healthy, or all hype?

Food or Fiction: Get the Facts on the Latest Diet Trends

In the food industry, when a new health product goes mainstream, every company wants to cash in, ­­regardless of whether or not they believe in the product’s hype.

More often than not, a degraded version of the healthy “food of the moment” is created by these companies, leaving you with a beautifully­-packaged, yet low­-quality product.

And let’s be honest­­—we’re busy ladies and don’t always have the time to read every single food label. So we get caught up in believing that these companies have our best interests at heart, when the opposite tends to be true.

Can you relate?

I used to be all about those protein bars when I worked out… then I realized that I was pretty much canceling out all the benefits of the workout by loading up on sugar and empty calories.

Today, I want to introduce you to a woman on a mission who wants you to question what you’re told, because the truth is: These seemingly “healthy” food products could be sabotaging your well-being and weight loss goals without you even realizing it.

She’s helped hundreds of women pull back the curtain on these foods, and now they can go to the grocery store with a completely different mindset and confidence in their food choices that they didn’t have before.

I want the same for you, too, so watch this video now.


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