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Bella & Friends – Puppy Doctor

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Play Bella & Friends – Puppy Doctor game and have lots of fun in the amazing Bella’s world.

Play an animal doctor and change their makeover and outfits according to their needs!:

• DOT, the chihuauha, fell from a tree while playing and has important injuries to be treated! Take care of him, stitch his wounds, clean him up and give him some protection to make sure he can play safely next time.

• LUCKY, the pug, has been watching TV until late! Now his eyes are dry and hurt! Use laser tools, kill germs and apply some eyedrops to his eyes. New glasses will be a must for him now so choose the best ones!

• BUTTER, the akita, is the most troublesome of them all, he ate food from the trash bin and now his stomach aches! Bring him to the doctor, use the x-ray machines to find the bad food and remove it carefully. After that some proper feeding will be needed!

• ELSA, the pomeranian, is the most vain and cocky of the group, and now she has mites all over her body! Spending time palying on the mud didn’t do any good to her. Please shave her and spray the mites or she’ll be angry forever!

• BELLA is sick! She spent too much time playing on the outside snow! Use your medical tools and vaccine her to take care and make sure she gets well soon.


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