VR Bang Fireworks 3D New Year

VR Bang Fireworks 3D New Year
VR 3D Blast Fireworks New Year – This is a unique 3D game with fireworks New Year!
The game 3D location of the city in which you yourself are placed firecrackers and fireworks and exploding them!
VR game, which means you will feel the effect of presence!
If you’re afraid of fireworks explode, try to secure our simulator!
Create an atmosphere of Christmas and New Year! Surprise your friends with 3D Fireworks!
Scattered all over the city Fireworks and see how beautifully they explode in the sky!
The game uses beautiful animations and sounds!
The more you Let missiles, the more points earned!
Kopi coins and unlock new fireworks!
Accumulate the full collection before your friends!
Thank you for playing our games! Leave us feedback and we will try to make our games even more interesting!

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