Best of Akhi Alamgir | Top5 | Music Show | Bangla Song Akhi Alamgir | Akhi Alamgir

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Best of Akhi Alamgir | Top5 | Music Show | Bangla Song Akhi Alamgir | Akhi Alamgir.

About Akhi Alamgir:
Akhi Alamgir is a Bangladeshi singer. Akhi Alamgir was born on January 20, 1975, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her father Alamgir is a popular actor in the Bangladeshi film industry and mother Khoshnor is a popular lyricist. She is a well known beautiful singer in Bangladesh who got popularity in her very early age. She is a heartthrob singer especially to the young generation for her beautiful appearance. In 1984 she got National Award as a child artist for acting in a film when only she was read in class five.

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