The Hedgewitch Cooks – TV Show

he HedgeWitch Cooks is a new kind of television lifestyle and food show. It aims to be a feel-good series in which daily chores become magical rituals with the potential to transform your life.

We incorporate those things which matter most to us – family, food, health and relationships, demonstrating how to reconnect with nature and deal with our emotional well-being. We’ll present ancient knowledge that can be used by everyone today, wherever you live.

Years ago Hedge-Witches were common place. They were the trusted women in every community – often mid-wives, with an extensive knowledge of herbal, medicinal and culinary practices. So, in the HedgeWitch Cooks we aim to get back to the old wisdom our grandparents knew and lived by – presenting simple household ideas that can enrich your lives. We’re going to share the secrets of the hedgerow and show you how to make some magical meals for your friends and family. We’ll bring our own take on age-old recipes for affordable, beautiful food that is both easy to cook and inspirational. Remember, as the seasons change – from spring to summer and autumn to winter – the hedgerows that surround us, both in town and country, are full of things we can gather and use for free. We’ll also be telling you about the “magical properties” of these ingredients and how they can enhance your life in many ways.

In each programme our Hedge-Witches will focus on seasonal ingredients – ingredients which might grow in gardens or hedgerows or be bought cheaply and easily. Nettles and rosemary; elderflowers and mint; blackberries and oats; sage and pumpkins… From these simple ingredients the Hedge-Witch Cooks will create tasty recipes whilst explaining their magical properties. They will also describe how viewers can use the ingredients in traditional remedies, as green cleaning products, or simply to pamper themselves and their family.

So it’s not just about cooking, it’s about improving the quality of your life and living in harmony with world around you. All the recipes we do are cheap, don’t have loads of ingredients and are easy to cook and have been exclusively designed for the series.


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